That a pretty worthwhile aspiration


Scott Morrison on if gays go to hell

Tonight Scott Morrison visited uk canada goose outlet Bridgenorth Footy Club, near Launceston in Tasmania, to announce $250,000 in funding for better drainage and lighting at the canada goose outlet store uk local ground.

But he was outshone by an even bigger star J Rod, more canada goose factory outlet formally known as Jarrod, whose glorious mullet impressed even the Prime Minister. The pair chatted for a while, then exchanged signed jerseys, to the amusement of the canada goose outlet online rest of the room.

“I actually used to have a big mop, but my wife wanted me to cut it before we got married, so I cut it, and then I grown the mullet since then, so about seven years,” J Rod said afterwards.

Seven years. Think about that. His mullet has outlasted three prime ministers.

He said goose outlet canada he was a part time builder, but also taught cabinet building at TAFE. Looking back at the last, chaotic decade of politics, both major parties could probably stand to learn a thing or canada goose outlet nyc two about building an effective Cabinet.

The vibe among other attendees at the Canada Goose Outlet footy club was broadly positive. cheap canada goose uk Everyone seemed to get a kick out of seeing the Prime Minister in a normal, human situation, instead of on television.

At one point, Mr Morrison marched outside to the oval to show off his AFL skills, such as they were. He kicked two behinds before managing to slot a goal from 20 metres out.

“I think there more KFC inside,” he said as he retreated.

A group of male players watched on, and told the Prime Minister he was welcome to join them on canada goose outlet parka the weekend “if you not too busy Saturday”.

Sadly, Mr Morrison has a prior engagement.

Former canada goose outlet shop prime minister John Howard has warned Australians who have worked hard and “put a few bob together” that Bill Shorten is coming after them.

Speaking to David Speers on Sky News this afternoon, Mr Howard said Labor would add to the tax burden of Australians.

He said Labor policies would certainly hurt the property market and have a “depressing effect” on house values.

“It will take away the incentive that exists for middle Australia, who done well, and we are a middle class society about the most middle class society in the world,” he said.

“When you think about the quintessential Australian dream, it to work hard, get a bit together, be successful and retire with security and dignity and leave buy canada goose jacket cheap it behind to your children. That a pretty worthwhile aspiration.

“This is the most stupid time to do anything canada goose clearance sale to suppress home values.”

“Why push the man under water, to use a metaphor.”

Mr Howard said the Warringah seat was canada goose outlet new york city a good example of middle class Australia.

He said voters in the hotly contest canada goose outlet uk sale canada goose uk black friday electorate Tony Abbott holds “worked hard, were pretty successful, put a few bob together”, and those were the people Mr Shorten was coming after.

“You got to respect (Abbott position, whether you agree or not because you know where he stands,” he said.

“It important for the Liberal party first and foremost to win the seat of Warringah.”

Mr Howard said voting for independents in any electorate was as canada goose outlet online uk good as handing your vote to Labor.

He said Malcolm Turnbull former seat of Wentworth was a special case because voters there did not want a bi election, but he said those concerned about climate change were entitled to know the cost of Labor “radical” plan.

While he said he did not canada goose outlet want to contemplate such an “awful outcome” if Labor won this Saturday, he was not confident the Liberals would win either.

“I think it could go either way, I really do. I don think you going to have an overwhelming result, it going to be close.”

Scott Morrison had to change his plans at the last canada goose outlet minute before arriving at an event in Launceston this Canada Goose sale afternoon as protesters threatened to cause a disruption.

The Prime Minister was planning to take a brief walk around the town square before going inside to announce a Launceston City Deal alongside Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman.

But a group of protesters, most of whom bore signs pushing for higher wages, stood cheap Canada Goose in the square awaiting Mr Morrison arrival.

The streetwalk idea was scrapped and the Prime Minister went straight in, avoiding canada goose outlet sale the potential hazard.