This wouldn work because some heroes can farm ult much faster


1 vs 12 is by far the most common matchup where one of the seeds is undefeated 19 wins for the one and 0 wins for the twelve. Next closest is 11 over 14 and 10 over 15, which are both 5 0. Here a post I made about this topic a while ago.. This wouldn work because some heroes can farm ult much faster, like Moira. Moira actually has a pretty high ult cap in terms of points, but she has the ability to charge her ult more quickly than others between damaging and healing both. So if you gave people their full ult charge, than people would charge up ults on Moira, then swap to a hero with a huge ult like Zarya and immediately use it, then swap back to charge that ult quickly again..

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